You can customize the list a bit, but there are not too many options for now. Below that is a newsfeed that looks like it’s curated by the same people who do the news curating on the home screen for the Microsoft Edge browser. You can hide stories from any specific outlet by clicking on a menu icon in the news section or hit a “manage your interests” button to customize the feed, but by default, it’s pretty basic. So is it worth upgrading to Windows 11 right now?

  • Microsoft didn’t drastically change the design this time around.
  • Swipe right to left from Pinned to get to All apps and left to right to get back to Pinned.
  • When is intuit download d3dx9-43_dll link to download going to send down a patch to make Windows 11 compatible with their software so we can do our 2021 taxes on Turbo tax?
  • If you do opt to get your key for less, make sure it’s from a legitimate site.

With Bluetooth & other devices selected in the left panel, click onAdd Bluetooth or other deviceon the right. The quickest method is to open the ‘Action Center’ on your desktop by clicking the small icon that looks like a message bubble on the taskbar. Everyone has one strong driving force in self that let one evolve above boundaries, my passion is content creation. Following my ambition, I am founder and CEO at TapeDaily with aim of providing high-quality content and the ultimate goal of reader satisfaction.

Check If Your Asus Laptops Touchpad Is Turned Off?

The biggest roadblock for many seems to be the requirement of TPM 2.0. There were some Windows 10X emulators that came out when Microsoft has big plans, but when the single-screen build leaked, it couldn’t even run Win32 apps anymore. Instead, we’re getting Windows 11, which will have the UX elements from Windows 10X. Also, to be clear, a developer evangelist named Jerry Nixon was the only one that actually said that Windows 10 was the last version. Microsoft just sort of didn’t correct it, seemingly confirming Nixon’s remarks.

SSDs use banks of memory to store data which means they don’t ever need defragmentation. Defragmentation of an SSD can actually cause performance issues and reduce the life of the drive. The time it takes for the optimization process to complete is determined by the number of files, size of the drive, and extent of fragmentation. If you know the drive is large, it’s better to perform this step when you won’t be in front of your PC for an extended period.

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New provisioned apps are sometimes added, obviously the user can uninstall them as well. Quick Question, As I saw in your video also, some of the apps are not removed, they just show in start menu but are not listed in GUI from where v can remove it. If you have them, UEM tools like Ivanti UWM and LiquidWare Labs ProfileUnity allow you to elevate processes such as scripts whilst still keeping the context of the launching user. As I am most familiar with Ivanti products, I’ve used theirs to do this.

Telegram Premium With Exclusive Features Appears In Beta

Once it’s done, you can check if Windows 10 no option to turn on Bluetooth is fixed. Then, restart your computer and Windows 10 no option to turn on Bluetooth issue should be fixed. While the procedure shown above is supposed to go without any issues, sometimes it creates issues and does not actually turn on Bluetooth on users’ PCs. If that’s the case with you, you will need to investigate and fix the issue on your computer.