Aruna Attri is a Senior Data Recovery Expert at Stellar®. She is a technology blogger and Windows expert. She has experience in Windows data recovery domain. She loves to troubleshoot Windows issue and write technical tips and tutorials. Additionally, it’s recommended to take regular data backups to preempt data loss situations due to BSOD and other such system or hardware related errors. A sudden system crash can damage the file system and turn a hard drive corrupt and inaccessible.

If you have a gaming PC, ensure you check if the Windows key is enabled before using this method. Otherwise, the keyboard shortcut won’t work. They instruct you to press the Windows key and R to bring up the Run box on your system, and to enter commands to open Windows Event Viewer. The caller notes how many errors are listed and uses the list as proof the computer is compromised. Removing the Keycaps Take the keycap removal tool, place the edges under the keys and pull up.

How To Reinstall Graphics Drivers Windows 10?

It also comes with extra features and can help you optimize your games’ settings for the best performance or quality on your machine. Just bear in mind that it will require you to have an account to obtain drivers. Thanks to Wagnard and his team for developing DDU software. It basically helps you completely remove AMD , NVIDIA and Intel graphics drivers, and Realtek audio driver from your system. The software does not leave any leftovers behind. And like any part of your computer, the software on your Nvidia cards — also known as their “drivers” — occasionally need to be upgraded.

  • This can be downloaded from the HP website, and installed on your computer.
  • Select the”Troubleshoot my connection to the internet”option.
  • Let’s see how you can toggle between the two playback modes on Windows 11.

To get rid of the conflicts, you’ll have to uninstall all current drivers using the mentioned methods. Open it up, and it’ll automatically check if the drivers are updated. First, check if the current drivers you have installed are up to date.

Newer Linux Kernel

In the following window select “Search automatically for updated driver software”. Motherboard drivers are probably the most crucial to a PC, because literally everything is linked to the motherboard. It affects audio, wi-fi, bluetooth, USB and the overall performance. If you’ve got a new motherboard, most likely Windows 10 is installed on your computer, and the issue of drivers is taken care of without your involvement. Still, Windows driver library might not provide all the latest driver versions. Driver updater software out there, designed to do the job for a user saving him time and effort.

How To Rollback NVIDIA Drivers in Windows 10

Select the printer driver to remove, and then click . Follow the procedures source below to remove a printer driver. How to uninstall and reinstall the camera USB driver. As this started only after i installed two different versions of the same software that one ouputs data to TCP and the other imports data from TCP. Error – The specified driver cannot be removed.