Anyway, I already have an idea what this blog is for and I’m sorry if I ruffled some feathers

This blog is for earnest discussion attached to honesty, intelligence, and a sincere interest in the well-being of the Philippines. There are no ads. There is provocation, to incite discussion. But, still, we have our moments, as when LCX posted his piece advocating Sara Duterte for president, or any time Irineo gifts us with one of his masterpieces. The discussions are the purpose of the blog. That’s where insights arise.

Get Real Post is a flame-throwing mess-pit hosted by two manipulative intellectual con-artists seeking a reputation and money. I’m banned there. Your comments there are admirable. You bring decency to the table. Good for you. A lot of the commenters there would be banned here for ad hominem and crude remarks. We are different, in goal and method.

The moral anchor posts here are earnest decency in debate and the well-being of the Philippines. Those are my editorial tools, to keep the discussion morally sound.

If people are prone to defend Leni Robredo and poke at Bongbong Marcos, it’s because they know who is better for the Philippines using history, acts, words, and the Constitution as points of discernment. If they find your fascination with trivial acts of Robredo volunteers as off-the-mark, morally, they’ll say so. If you persist, then it becomes an advocacy, and looks like trolling MN title loans.

We were at our best before the passing of Edgar Lores, and before reading attention spans dropped to twitter levels

You seem sensitive to me and not clear on separating issues from persons. You shouldn’t be a topic here, nor should I or anyone else. You’ve offended no one here. No one has meant to offend you. Stick with the issues. See the path, or the discussion, as the goal and keep it on the high road. It’s easy to do.

I have been commenting and blogging for more more than a ateur. All is well but if Joe speaks on what to do and not to do in his house most take heed. One so-called veteran pundit here insisted that he is correct so if symptoms persist insult your doctor j/k i mean you get blocked. another kept ignoring the warnings of the host blog owner and kept doing his thing even if told to stop. They are long time commenters the one you call veterans. ok nuff said.

Joe already commented on The Get Real Philippines blog. As the TSH blog repeatedly states, especially to newbies, the Constitution and what or who is good for the Philippines on balance and on essential things is the blog’s basic guide. I don’t think Get Real has the same view.

But, still, we have our moments, as when LCX posted his piece advocating Sara Duterte for president, or any time Irineo gifts us with one of his masterpieces.”

I think DFA/VP Sara (if Teddy Boy stays) would be a great 1-2 punch, no pun intended ?? , gets her out the country away from everyone else’s cronies (sets up for next 2028). Smooth out rough edges, learn a lot from Teddy Boy (that guy is a modern day Filipino super hero, Joe).

I’m thinking they would work great together. Sara would get a Cabinet Position and direction. —— That’s a hopeless romantics view of how a president and vice-president should jointly work together.

Half the people here have been put into moderation at one time or another, then released, and two have recently been blocked

Ideally, a president and vice-president are perceived to be the nation’s primary tools in providing remedy, elucidation and solution to the ever-growing complex problems of the country. In essence, they are a team, Batman Robin. However, that is not the reality on the ground.